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Learning from Tragedies

Folklore and fables – from vampire and wolfman legends to tales of The Brothers’ Grimm – tell us of ogres, fiends, and monsters. Today we call them violent criminals. They’ve always plagued us and – as long as passions, madness, and evil exist – always will. Let’s blow away a predator's biggest advantage: the naïveté of the prey.

Pointing out a victim's possible missteps is not “blaming the victim.” Actually, it helps protect the rest of us by teaching us to avoid her innocent mistakes.

As much as we despise the predator and pity the prey, we can’t ignore the contributory negligence of the prey (in more than half of all crimes) – in effect being easy targets for predators. In most cases, this naïveté of the prey - this willful blindness - comes from denying the reality that human monsters do indeed walk among us. As most psychologists will tell you, Ordinary, good people twist reality to create a kinder, gentler world than really exists.

Newsletter Back Issues

Child Kidnapping - Dangers lurking at the Mall

Panic Rooms - Where to go in home invasions

Home Safety Tips - What to do when your doorbell rings

Emergency Button - A car key’s emergency button might deter predators

911 Calls can save you IF you do it right

Identity Theft - The Top 16 ways to prevent identity theft – it’s all you need

Home Invasions - Can you prevent a home invasion?

Child Predators - How to protect a lone child walking to/from school

Bystander Apathy - Avoid the Bystander Effect when you desperately need help

Primal Rage - How to avoid Primal Rage & Crimes of Passion

Rape Victims' Self-Blame - How to redirect that inward anger

Jaycee Lee Dugard Kidnapping - How Jaycee Lee Dugard could have escaped

Newsletter - 13-Oct-09 - Phony Home-Buyer Kills Home-Seller

Newsletter - 22-Sep-09 - Mug-In – Lesson Learned

Newsletter - 08-Sep-09 - Victim Beats Sex Attacker in the Wilderness

Newsletter - 25-Aug-09 - The Tragedy Of My Daughter’s Death

Newsletter - 11-Aug-09 - My Son Was Murdered

Newsletter - 21-Jul-09 - Scam-Ins To Fool Your Home Security

Newsletter - 07-Jul-09 - Belgian Day Care Center Stabbings

Newsletter - 23-Jun-09 - Door-Window Break-In Home Invasion

Newsletter - 09-Jun-09 - How to prevent Home Invasions

Newsletter - 26-May-09 - Baby Carriage used as Robbery Ploy

Newsletter - 12-May-09 - Man Shot for Talking During Movie

Newsletter - 28-Apr-09 - Woman Escapes Gunman

Newsletter - 07-Apr-09 - Rape Survivor

Newsletter - 24-Mar-09 - Bystander Apathy - a.k.a. Bystander Effect

Newsletter - 10-Mar-09 - A Child Molester’s Fiendish Lure

Newsletter - 24-Feb-09 - Mug-In On Porch

Newsletter - 10-Feb-09 - Pet Cat Murder & A Bike Path Assault

Newsletter - 27-Jan-09 - Pickpockets

Newsletter - 13-Jan-09 - Woman Escapes Attack & A Female Child Molester

Newsletter - 23-Dec-08 - Bullying Prevention

Newsletter - 09-Dec-08 - Craigslist Traps (or any want-ad)

Newsletter - 25-Nov-08 - Anonymous Hot-Lines – School Shootings

Newsletter - 11-Nov-08 - Road Rage & Psychopaths

Newsletter - 28-Oct-08 - Burglars Profile

Newsletter - 14-Oct-08 - How To Protect Yourself from Online Crime

Newsletter - 23-Sep-08 - Peeping Toms and Burglars/Rapists

Newsletter - 09-Sep-08 - Home Invasion

Newsletter - 26-Aug-08 - Irresponsible Parents

Newsletter - 12-Aug-08 - A Mother Fighting For Her Son

Newsletter - 22-Jul-08 - Code Word for Parent-Child Communication

Newsletter - 08-Jul-08 - Biting an AIDS-Infected Rapist

Newsletter - 24-Jun-08 - Scam Artist Didn't Fool Sheila

Newsletter - 10-Jun-08 - Monster Freed

Newsletter - 27-May-08 - Push-In Home Invasion

Newsletter - 13-May-08 - Domestic Violence & Safe Rooms

Newsletter - 22-Apr-08 - Wilderness Crime

Newsletter - 08-Apr-08 - Laws Soft on Monsters

Newsletter - 25-Mar-08 - Domestic Violence Intervention

Newsletter - 11-Mar-08 - Squabble Turns Deadly & Thank You Very Little, Officer

Newsletter - 26-Feb-08 - Survivor & A grieving parent's plea for help

Newsletter - 12-Feb-08 - Idiot Lawyers & Shrinks

Newsletter - 22-Jan-08 - Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Push-In Home Invasion

Newsletter - 08-Jan-08 - Drew Peterson’s Missing Wife & An Idiot Judge

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