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A Child Molester’s Grooming and Dooming

22 years ago in St. Paul MN, a long-time chess coach for children, Gary George Vadnais, was convicted for molesting Laura R., a 7-year-old girl. To make it even worse, he infected her with genital warts. She grew up confused, depressed, self-mutilated, drug-addicted, and homeless. Now rehabilitated and happily married in California, she has never fully recovered - yet. She spoke out because she wants parents to know to always keep their kids safe.

See Molesters, Safeguarding, and Free-Range Kids.


A Grieving Parent's Plea

please help

21 February 2008
my daughter was tortured for hours then killed ... in [city deleted]... i cant deal with this alone.... please help..
[survivor] Canada

[Name and city deleted for privacy.]

Dear [survivor],
My heart goes out to you. You do not have to deal with this alone – many people want to help you. There are hundreds of support groups worldwide for the bereaved loved ones of murder victims. They’re experts at coping with grief – and recovering.

Of the handful listed below, it doesn’t matter where you live. Contact any or all of them. They’ll be happy to help you from the other side of the globe – and also refer you to a group near you for face-to-face counseling. They’re very willing to help you.

• The National Center for Victims of Crime at (US) 800-394-2255.
• Victim Support at
• Parents of Murdered Children (POMC) at
• Witness Justice at
• Compassionate Friends at
• Enough Is Enough at

Also see Crime Survivors Overview of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and grieving the loss of a loved one to murder. Also see Crime-Survivors-Recap for resources.

Michael Loftus, Sr

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