Phony Home-Buyer Kills Home-Seller Newsletter

And to think that she invited him in...

Pretending to be interested in buying an Atlanta condominium from renowned cancer researcher Eugenia Calle, Shamal Thompson (a.k.a. Jamal Thompson) followed her through the door for a tour. Once inside, he robbed her after killing her with a blow to the back of the head.

Eugenia Calle was obviously a brilliant and vital person. Yet she didn’t know a simple lesson taught throughout this website.

How could Eugenia Calle have prevented this tragedy? What can you do to prevent the same or a similar crime?

The basic lesson described in friendly predators, also applies here: “You’ll instantly know a force predator – he’ll suddenly attack you from the open or from ambush. But a friendly predator first tries to lure you into a trap – then attacks you.” ... “The lures all boil down to one simple warning sign: he’s trying to get near you or isolate you.

The same basic lesson also applies to scam-in: The countless flimflam scams of male or female predators all have the same goal: getting into your home to rob or attack you.

Yet again, this same basic lesson more specifically addresses want-ads in cracks in home security.

Think of the many people who have their homes up for sale – or have other items for sale from their homes through want-ads. Then think of the more than SIX MILLION paroled violent felons who walk among us (in the U.S. alone) – and that they commonly read want-ads to find vulnerable victims who actually invite them into their homes!

One possible safeguard for home-based sales is to have watchful friends or neighbors nearby – but not too near (so that they can always get away to call police) whenever a stranger is visiting you. That applies to any stranger (females or even kids have worked with male predators). This safeguard ruins a criminal’s anonymity and isolation advantages and will help deter most such criminals.

Sure, it’s a hassle to arrange for such precautions, but Eugenia Calle would likely still be alive had she done so – and probably not even realize that she had avoided an encounter with evil.

Always remember the basis of all the lessons on this website: Gamble in Vegas - NOT in your life.

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