Victim's Options:

There are 5 victim's options when targeted by a predator.

"Fight or flight" (fighting or running away) are the two most well-known. Various martial arts' theories usually include surrendering. (And "freezing" is one type of surrendering).

I’ve added two more options: outsmarting and posturing, and aligned them all with FBI guidelines (and also clarified their clunky terminology).

Of course, it’s impossible to fully anticipate the panicky chaos of a sudden threat forcing you to choose among your options in a split-second. Nonetheless, understanding your options now will help your intuition choose an option then.


Your wariness: using a cell phone or headphones, or daydreaming, is like a lame antelope attracting a lion.
The type of assailant: is he a scared yet volatile kid, a depraved lunatic, or somewhere in between?
The presence of a weapon or an accomplice: neither may be visible at first.
The location: populated areas might inhibit him. And, is it your turf or his? Familiarity makes a difference.
Your personality: can a passive person be aggressive? Can an aggressive person surrender (or fake it)?
Your abilities to strategize and fight.
Your willingness to truly fight for your life – and to never give up.


Expect intimidating threats and expect to be hurt, but especially expect to survive (see Hope is Key in Stress Control - Willpower). Opportunities may arise as the scene unfolds. A victim must trust her intuition to choose among the five victim's options:

• 1st Option - Posturing: presenting yourself as a tough target (predators prefer easy prey). If that doesn’t work:
• 2nd Option - Fleeing, the most obvious choice, might not be possible. If not:
• 3rd Option - Outsmarting: by verbally defusing a confrontation and maneuvering toward escape. If that doesn’t work:
• 4th Option - Surrendering: as a prelude to an escape, perhaps aided by:
• 5th Option - Fighting like a mad dog to enable your escape. Stun & run.
Recap of this section.


Deter a predator by holding Pepper Spray & a Personal Security Alarm (noisemaker or screamer) in plain sight. Those pages also tell you how to use them most effectively.

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