Fighting Options

The simplest – and most devastating – fighting options are banned from martial arts tournaments because they're far too harmful. That's precisely why you'll soon learn those strikes – innocent women and children need all the help they can get to escape from a violent predator.

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple, Sweetheart

Ironically, the most effective strikes are the simplest, such as eye and groin strikes. They’re simple enough to be learned immediately. Don’t underestimate them because they’re so simple. Almost anyone can quickly learn to use them with devastating results.

Be forewarned, though, that some of the strikes are gruesome. But innocent prey need the absolutely most powerful tools to combat an evil predator. If ever you find yourself in dire straits fighting for your life, and perhaps for a loved one as well, at that desperate moment you’ll be grateful for their devastating power.

A man grabbed a 13-year-old Los Angeles CA girl from behind and twisted her arms backward. She back-kicked him in the groin, doubling him over and letting her go. She turned around and held his ears to maximize the power of her knee-strike to his face. He fled with a bloody nose.


Crime survivors are the best source of how to survive a crime. Fear is expected during a crime and the adrenaline helps you perform more effectively, but you will perform best if you’ve had a few rehearsals – both physically and mentally (see Optimal Mindset and “Visualizing Success” on Acting). When you're in a crisis, your brain searches through your memory database for a script and responds to physical memory (from physical practice) much more effectively than just words alone – and your performance will be all the better.

What you're about to discover likely would've saved countless victims throughout history who'd fought valiantly to survive but didn’t know how to fight effectively.


The pages listed below introduce you to techniques that are for educational purposes only. There are no guarantees as to your individual ability to correctly apply this information under assault conditions. You are hereby urged to use this information with good judgment, common sense, discretion, and assume full responsibility for misuse.

Furthermore, you must use only the degree of force necessary to save yourself from danger. You must not inflict any greater damage on a criminal attacker than that you reasonably believe necessary for your protection. You must obey all laws and respect the rights of other persons.

These self defense options are extremely dangerous! It is your responsibility to not hurt yourself, your practice partner, or any innocent person., Michael Edward Loftus Sr., the publishers, distributors, and any associates assume no liability. Use this at your own risk. Parents are fully responsible for the actions of their minor children in all the above matters.

ALL Fighting Options

Myths: debunking misconceptions.
When to Defend Yourself: acting instead of reacting.
Sucker Punch: a surprise attack.
Strategies for optimal self-defense.
Verbal Self Defense to escape from danger.
Improvised Weapons
Choosing a Self-Defense Class
Self Defense Techniques
Fear Control

Enhance Your Fighting Options

Deter a predator by carrying a Personal Security Alarm (screamer or noisemaker) & Pepper Spray in plain sight. Those pages tell you how to use them most effectively.

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