Travel Security

Welcome to travel security for wherever you go. You're about to learn how to outsmart the predators who prey on tourists.

Always remember the town officials in the “Jaws” movie who hushed up the shark attacks. That's actually the reality for all tourist venues when it comes to "human sharks" attacking tourists. They desperately hide negative publicity for fear of scaring away their tourist customers.

The tourism industry is notorious for hushing up news of their criminal shadow industry that feeds on tourists. Keep the ominous “Jaws” music in mind as you plan your trip. Know this: tourists draw predators like blood draws sharks.

By the way... Before You Leave Home

• Don’t broadcast your plans. Store clerks, hairdressers, the kid who mows your lawn, security guards, and neighbors have been caught aiding criminals with information. Also beware of any public announcement of your plans.

• Don’t cancel regular deliveries. You want your house operating normally: lawn cut, snow shoveled, drapes opened and closed daily, and so on. Get someone to maintain your home every day.

• Notify the police of your plans and how to reach your contact person in an emergency.

• Make two photocopies of your passport identification page, airline tickets, driver’s license, credit cards (and contact info), serial numbers of traveler’s checks, medical prescriptions, and your schedule. Leave one photocopy with your friends at home; pack the other in a place separate from where you carry the originals.

• If, during your trip, you make any changes in your travel plans, notify your friends back home.

• Put a piece of paper with your name and itinerary inside each bag to make identification easier if your baggage ID tag is lost.

Portable Burglar Alarm Equipment & Personal Safety Devices

• Door-Stop Alarm for hotel safety – a door wedge (both a siren and a physical barrier to forced entry).

• Doorknob Alarm

• Stash clothing (such as a money belt).

• Stash safes (diversion safes): ordinary cans (of deodorant or whatever) modified with hidden storage space.

GPS Child Locator: a child tracking device (works for all ages).

Personal Security Devices (first check airline regulations as well as local laws at your destination).

ALL Travel Security for wherever you go

Camping: human predators hunt human prey in isolated wilderness.
Camping Safety & Hiking Safety FAQ.
Hotels and motels: when predators pose as guests or staff.
Airline: air travel has more precautions than ever.
Foreign: predators hunt for travelers in unfamiliar territory.
Recap of Travel Safety.
Security Products - Personal Devices
Personal Security Alarm: (screamer or noisemaker)
Pepper Spray

Also see Pickpockets for whenever you're in public areas.

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