Child Safety

Child Safety Tips include stranger danger, molesters, kidnapping, bullying, school violence, Internet safety, and personal safety devices.

When eleven-year-old Satomi Mitarai was murdered by a classmate in Japan, her father said, “To think that my daughter would no longer be with me is unbelievable. But the unbelievable has happened.”

Ten-year-old Rebecca Savarese, on her way to school one wintry morning in 1993, was walking on the sidewalk at a busy intersection in Pittsfield MA when a man suddenly grabbed and pulled her toward his pickup truck at the curb. She yelled and spun away, leaving him holding her empty backpack as she ran to safety. He dropped it on the sidewalk and casually drove away. Only one passerby noticed the kidnapping attempt and wrote down the truck’s plate number. This led to the arrest of Louis Lent at his home – with hidden cages built into the walls – a murderer of dozens of children.

Rebecca was his only target who knew enough to defy an adult and escape. None of his other victims knew the simple lifesaving skills that spared Rebecca and led to the removal of a monster from society.

A mother of a girl murdered 30 years earlier said, “You know there is evil out there, but you never dream it will ever touch you and yours. If it does, it is a lifetime of hell on earth.”

Personal Safety Devices

GPS Child Locator: a child tracking device. A variety of models are available. I highly recommend these if used with the utmost parental discretion.
Personal Security Alarm: a.k.a. screamer or noisemaker. An attacker won’t likely chase a noisy target.
• For more child safety tips, follow the guidance throughout, especially Home Security.

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