Child Safety

Child Safety Tips include stranger danger, molesters, kidnapping, bullying, school violence, Internet safety, and personal safety devices.

The murder victim's father said, “To think that my daughter would no longer be with me is unbelievable. But the unbelievable has happened.” 

A mother of a girl murdered 30 years earlier said, “You know there is evil out there, but you never dream it will ever touch you and yours. If it does, it is a lifetime of hell on earth.” 

5-year-old Jocelyn Rojas was kidnapped while playing alone in her Lancaster, PA front yard in July 2013. Police formed a search party, and by sheer luck, teenager Temar Boggs and his friend spotted her in the backseat of a car on a side-street and gave chase on their bicycles. Again luckily, the car stopped, the girl was let out, and the car sped away.

Two men kidnapped 7-year-old Erica Pratt in 2002 from a Philadelphia street as she played alone. They locked her in the basement of an abandoned house and made ransom demands of her family. Erica gnawed through the duct tape binding her, kicked through a door panel, broke a window to call for help, and was freed with the help of kids nearby. Bravo!

Jessica Ridgeway's body was found two days after she disappeared. The 10-year-old never arrived at a nearby Westminster CO park where she was supposed to meet friends for the one-mile walk to her school. The walk to the park was a route she took every school day alone.

Personal Safety Devices

GPS Child Locator: a child tracking device. Caution: to be used with the utmost parental discretion. “Nothing takes the place of parental or trusted adult supervision and attention.”
Personal Security Alarm: a.k.a. screamer or noisemaker. Most attackers won’t chase a noisy target. Caution: to be used with the utmost parental discretion. “Nothing takes the place of parental or trusted adult supervision and attention.”
• For more child safety tips, follow the guidance throughout, especially Home Security.

ALL Child Safety Tips

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GPS Child Locator: a child tracking device.
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