An 86-year-old Norfolk VA woman improved to good condition after being critically injured in a home-invasion attack that fatally injured her 90-year-old husband in a pre-dawn attack which netted a robber her wedding ring.

On their street, neighbors have now installed burglar alarms and are much more cautious toward home defense. A neighbor said that the victims were very trusting people, in every way.

You'll likely totally avoid such home invasions if you follow the advice in Home Security - and its links to related pages.

And your most important lesson is in the last line above that reveals the root of their vulnerability: They were very trusting people, in every way. That means it’s unlikely they ever would have read the pages I recommend, in fact urge, ALL good people to read.

Kindness is a Lethal Trait for Prey

Since the victims above were so very trusting (a lovely trait, but lethal for prey) they likely never would’ve been cautiously wary of the crazed and/or heartless of the world. Trusting, kind, beautiful people never seem to realize that three percent of the world’s population are criminal predators; the rest of us are their prey.

Thus the trusting, good-hearted victims never would’ve fortified their home nor doubted the lies that lead to a Push-In or a Scam-In.

And with their admirable yet dangerous kindness, they also never would’ve followed the advice in Outdoor Safety (and its links to related pages). Nor would they ever have even dreamed of carrying Pepper Spray or Personal Security Alarm (noisemaker or screamer).

Ironically, tragically, perversely, the cherished qualities of kindness and trust all too often get good people killed. They reject reality. They don’t visit this website and the pleas of their loved ones fall on deaf ears. They don’t buy burglar alarm equipment or improve their security habits until an evil, common criminal targets them or someone near. Then they realize the harsh realities of the world – or at least some of their neighbors do.

If you learn from their tragedy – then at least some good will come from it.

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