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On Sun Jul 13 19:58:08 2008, the following results were submitted from the "Contact Us" on crime-safety-security.com:
From: Tanya MRJ
E-mail Address: [deleted for privacy]
Country: Canada
Comments: I truly thank you for sharing this information and experience you have. Not enough people take it seriously until it's too late. I praise parents who can be proactive rather than reactive and your site teaches this. I once read a book called "The Gift Of Fear". I'm sure you've read it. It's men like you and the author of that book (I can't remember his name) that are needed more and more for children living with irresponsible adults who call themselves parents.

It helps me feel reassured that your website is from someone's heart and not just another thing on the internet. I've always spoken with children, family, friends and strangers about child safety. I also joined my son's Catholic School Safety Committee to intentionally talk about issues openly with them. I will definitely keep spreading the word. I emailed a link to your site to everyone on my contact list. Keep doing this. If only you could be cloned to be everywhere at once.


From: michaelloftus @ crime-safety-security.com
To: Tanya MRJ [deleted for privacy]
Subject: Irresponsible Parents
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 23:42:37 -0400

Tanya, I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. You’ve captured my intent and long-term goal. I quote “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin De Becker in a half-dozen places throughout my website.

You are so very correct regarding the dire need to fully reach children before woefully irresponsible parents irreparably damage them. All we can do is try to notice child abuse/neglect and report it to the proper authorities (even anonymously). Otherwise, what will happen to those helpless babies at the mercy of their “guardians?”

The kids in your life have you as a wonderful ally. If only there were many millions more like you, we could make a significant change for a better future for women and children – and all of us.

Thanks, Tanya, and please keep spreading the word,


P.S. See Rescuing a Victim Safely > Rescuing an Abused Child.


To offset the irresponsible parents described on Free-Range Kids, enroll your child in the superb RadKids.org. They cover child self defense (from bullies, molesters, kidnappers) as well as all-around child safety tips (for fires, traffic, etc.) for ages 5-12. It’s a 10-hour class spread over 5 days each summer. You pay $75 the first time then your child can return again and again for free each summer at any RadKids location nationwide.

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