Hall of Shame Award: Monster Freed

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In Calgary, Alberta, Lionel Llewellyn Staples asked Robin Beynon for directions as a lure to get her to come close to his car. He then suddenly shot her in the face with a pellet gun and dragged her into the car and drove off to rape her. She choked to death on her own blood when he stuffed her panties down her throat with such force that he ripped off her tongue. Forty years later, the parole board allowed him day and evening parole and discontinued his counseling even though they consider him a moderate to high danger. (He now calls himself Lionel Llewellyn.)

These blithering idiots are freeing a monster to roam among innocent people. WHY? The past predicts the future. A predatory killer should remain in a cage as long as the victim remains dead. Just WHY does a proven monster need to be – or deserve to be – free to live amongst us? It makes no sense whatsoever. It's all risk and no gain for the public. And it makes a sick joke of justice.

Robin Beynon fell victim to a friendly predator. That type first gets near you without revealing their true intention. When they do strike, it’s sudden and violent. See Friendly Predators to learn how to protect yourself from them.

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