Internet safety for kids and parents is everything you should know about the dangers your kids face - and the Top 10 things to keep them safe.

Peter Chapman, 33 years old, posed as a teenager and became a Facebook friend of teenager Ashleigh Hall. The convicted sex offender then met her off-line and drove her to a motel where he raped and murdered her.

All Internet users, especially minors, must use extreme caution with people online they do not already truly know and trust offline.

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, hosts a global network of pedophiles trying to lure more people into their sick world. And Wikipedia is not blocked in U.S. public schools nationwide. In fact, schools encourage students to do research on it. Search "Pedophilia" in Google or Bing and Wikipedia's page is at the top of the list – and links directly to 25 other Wikipedia pages edited by pedophiles.


Anthony Stancl, 19, of Wisconsin was sentenced to 15 years in prison for posing as a girl on Facebook to blackmail seven classmates into sex, and tricked more than 30 male classmates into sending him naked photos of themselves. He then used the photos as blackmail, threatening to post them online unless the students had sex with him – which he photographed for further blackmail.

Most kids don't realize that there is no true privacy or Internet safety for kids – and that they can't believe people's true identity.

All Postings are PERMANENT

At first, parent’s concern about Internet safety focused on adult predators. Now they’re worried about how their children are acting online toward other children, and how their behavior might be viewed by college admissions officers and future employers.

Many children simply don’t realize that typical adolescent behavior – insults as well as boasts of sex, drinking, and drugs – becomes a permanent public record on the Internet.

The Internet is the future but it frightens many parents who don't understand Internet safety for kids. Yet there are ways to let your kids safely access this amazing tool.

Safe Internet for Kids and Parents

1. Don't Panic. The web is great for entertainment and education.

2. Be practical by keeping the computer in a common room so you can see what's going on.

3. Encourage your kids to use modern technology. Ask teachers what they're using in your child's school.

4. Learn it yourself to better guide their choices toward beneficial sites and away from Facebook or Myspace.

5. Use Parental Control tools. Here’s a guide to the best parental control apps: How to Keep Kids Safe on YouTube and Internet Streaming (see more RESOURCES below).

6. Investigate protective software such as and Norton, but know that using other computers can always sidestep your control. Also see ConsumerNotice: Internet Safety for Kids

7. Monitor their cell phones, too, just as you would with a computer. Many children are bullied by text messages or phone calls.

8. Protect your child's privacy by strictly limiting the personal info you make public when signing up to a website. Have your children use aliases, and never reveal too much to strangers online. Facebook, especially, is reckless with user’s personal info.

9. Watch for adult predators. Children can be 'groomed' online by clever adult perverts. Watch for suspicious online behavior. For just one of many examples, see Teens promised quick cash through social media for human smuggling

10. Finally, be realistic. Remember that prohibition won't work. Your children will use computers elsewhere. Teach your children how to benefit – safely – from the Internet.

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