Crime Safety and Security
for Women and Children -
Everything You Need to Know

Most crime victims had never thought it would happen to them – it was a jolt from out of the blue. Learning how to outsmart criminals will help keep you and yours out of harm's way rather than hoping for luck or begging for mercy.

You're about to learn safety lessons from my 30 years of research and experience teaching hundreds of classes to civic groups, children’s groups, college students, hospital staffs, corporations, and crime survivors, as well as veteran cops at police academies – including dozens of original insights you've never imagined and will find nowhere else.

For the first time anywhere, all of home security is simply classified into five types. You can prevent home invasions and burglaries by making sure all your family members use these safety tips (as a chain is no stronger than its weakest link). Your security really is in the hands of your entire family. Predators will have to look elsewhere for easy prey.

Your life in the outside world largely is in your hands with the know-how of driving safety, parking lot safety, and street crime tips.

You'll learn how to protect your kids beyond the reach of your arms with the articles in Child Safety - Overview.

Whenever you’re tempted to be careless, ask yourself, "What could possibly happen?" The real-life stories throughout this website show you what could possibly happen – and how to turn the odds more in your favor.

You'll see how to avoid a face-to-face encounter, how to control fear itself, how criminal minds think, and – best of all – how to outsmart them.

Crime survivors will find counseling resources as well as guidance in choosing a self defense class to empower your recovery.

A Predator's Biggest Advantage:
The Naïveté Of The Prey

Folklore and fables – from vampire and wolf-man legends to tales of The Brothers’ Grimm – tell us of ogres, fiends, and monsters. Today we call them violent criminals. They’ve always plagued us and – as long as passions, madness, and evil exist – always will. Let’s blow away a predator's biggest advantage: the naïveté of the prey.

Violent Criminals Outnumber The Cops – By Far

Roughly three percent of men (one out of 33) are criminal sub-clinical psychopaths. Most of them are masters of deception and look and act perfectly normal, and they easily travel to any neighborhood at any time of day or night. And they outnumber the cops – by far.

The US Department of Justice says that the United States has roughly 800,000 cops for the entire country -
with only a fraction of those on patrol at any one time. And the average 9-1-1 response time is 11 minutes – an eternity in an emergency. In many areas it’s far slower than that.

By contrast, nearly 630,000 prisoners are released
each year to walk among us and roughly two-thirds of them are arrested again within three years for new crimes. Add to that the many thousands of criminals paroled in prior years and also all the young criminals who haven’t been arrested yet.

From 1977 to 1997, nearly four million Americans were either murdered, shot, stabbed, clubbed, strangled, or otherwise injured – more casualties than the U.S. military has suffered in all the wars in its history.

Walking among us are paroled killers, kidnappers, carjackers,
thugs, muggers, burglars, rapists, child molesters, and stalkers – as well as the up-and-coming young predators. Do you rely on outnumbered, understaffed cops to always protect you and your loved ones? Really?...

How To Keep You and Yours Out of Harm’s Way

You don’t need a bulletproof vest, a bodyguard, or to sleep with one eye open. You can turn the odds more in your favor by learning how to be S.A.F.E.Skeptical, Aware, Flexible, Explosive:

Skeptical of anyone trying to get near you or trying to isolate you whether you're at home or outdoors – as shown in Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Friendly Predators, and Scam-In;

Aware of traps and escape strategies – as shown in Spotting Danger and Facing Danger;

Flexible: being tricky, changing strategies as needed – as shown in Victim’s Options - Outsmarting and Verbal Self Defense – and if worse comes to worst:

Exploding into an escape - stun & run – as shown in Sucker Punch and Self Defense Techniques.


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Join me in exploring this site - as have more than a million visitors from 162 countries. You’ll never think about your safety the same way ever again - and you'll turn the odds more in your favor. Knowledge is power.

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