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Many people think safety is a game of chance, but a GPS child locator device (child tracking device) can stack the odds more in your favor.
Timothy Neher took his 5-year-old niece and 3-year-old nephew to the zoo. While he looked up at the snack bar’s menu, the kids disappeared. He was in a panic for five eternal minutes until he found them playing behind the snack bar.

You can pin a wireless transmitter to your little ones to monitor their whereabouts in crowds or in your yard. Older kids can develop the simple habit of wearing a child locator on their belts while they’re outdoors. Joe Nesbitt, a computer technician, took his kids to SeaWorld and felt that parental terror when his 2-year-old daughter vanished. He was thrilled, though, that he had clipped a GPS locator tag to her shoe and right away found her emerging from a tunnel in a children's playground.

A child tracking device alerts you if your child wanders away beyond a distance you choose. A variety of models are available. I highly recommend these if used with the utmost parental discretion.

A clip-on child tracking device can be put in a backpack or sewn in a child’s clothing, but they do NOT substitute for watching your kids and do not prevent kidnappings or guarantee recovery afterward. And they have limitations: batteries die out and weather can obstruct GPS signals. Nevertheless, they're a great modern supplement to all-around good parenting.

(A GPS Child Locator can also be useful for older folks with Alzheimer’s.)

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