Lessons Learned From The Day Care Center Stabbings In Belgium

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A 20-year-old man with a with a history of mental illness went on a rampage at a day care center in Dendermonde, Belgium. He entered the UNLOCKED center and started slashing the workers and children – killing two babies and a worker and seriously wounded 12 others. Horrified rescue workers found stabbed and slashed kids.

Contrary to what many folks like to tell themselves, there is NO such thing as "location immunity" from crazy, psychotic monsters or sane, psychopathic monsters either. They cab be home grown from your own area, or be from far away - modern transportation makes them highly mobile.

Don't kid yourself that you live in "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" (the old kid's TV show). Like unicorns, it never really existed. I've got files full of thousands of cases where, after a horrific crime, the neighbors always say, "Gee, I can't believe it happened here in Sleepyville."

But, back to the specifics of this crime, always carefully monitor your child’s feelings toward a babysitter, daycare center, school, youth group or program – and make sure they use the “U.S. Department of Justice Guidelines for the Screening of Persons Working with Children” by project director Noy S. Davis, Esq. April 1998.

Most importantly, make sure they have rock-solid "access control" to their facility, to blockade killers and kidnappers.

See DAY CARE CENTERS at Safeguarding Children.

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