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Here's the very best Deadbolt Lock vs lock bumping, lock picking, hammering, and wrenching. Fortify your home without going broke.

Lock picking is to use special tools to open a deadbolt lock through the keyhole and requires some skill. That's why lock bumping – using a specially crafted bump key as a tool – has become so popular among burglars. It's quicker, requires no skill, makes very little noise, and leaves no trace. And insurance companies deny claims if there's no proof of forced entry.

Burglars Love The Internet

Burglars easily find both picking and bumping tools and tutorials readily available at dozens of websites worldwide for less than US$20. As a result, "bumping" burglaries are rapidly spreading and easily defeat at least 90% of keyed deadbolt locks.

If your home is burgled through picking or bumping, the lock will still work just fine and you would never know. Thus, a burglar could still be inside when you arrive home.

It's bad enough if your unoccupied home is ransacked in a burglary. Victims usually suffer from a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) when their castle – their cocoon – has been violated. Far worse is if you are at home bathing, cooking, watching TV, or sleeping when a burglar or two quietly invades your nest.

Burglars Hate These Deadbolts

Whether you're at home or away, the very best deadbolt lock is the Schlage B760 (the B860 also withstands fire). Only they have Schlage’s Primus Controlled Access cylinder that is highly "resistant" to both picking and bumping – even by an expert locksmith. The only time it has ever been picked or bumped was after two months of effort – by the engineer who designed it. It also withstands all manner of hammering and wrenching, etc.

A LOCKSMITH TEST on Security Products - Door shows how only the Schlage B660P – of all brands of deadbolt locks – passed the barrage of battering tests.

However, the B660P is vulnerable to bumping and picking. But the B760 and the B860 are just as rock solid and cannot be bumped or picked (and the B860 can’t be drilled either). They're simply the very best you can get. Fortify all your exterior doors – especially secluded doors.


The keyless types include: keypad (or touch-pad), magnetic, rotating disk, fingerprint ID, and biometric deadbolt locks.

The most convenient is a Keyless Deadbolt Keypad that uses a 5-digit code of your choice. Your kids can pop in and out without the worry of losing a key, and temporary access can be given to a repairman or neighbor, etc. while you're away. Afterward, you can simply change the code in a few seconds.


Most "keyless" deadbolt locks do have a keyhole after all – in case you've forgotten your code or the batteries die and you need to open it with your backup key. But realize that these keyholes are just as vulnerable to lock picking or bumping as 90% of the usual, traditional deadbolts.

Make sure you also fortify all your doors with heavy-duty strike plates, wrap-arounds, and door-frames as described at Security Products - Door to avoid kick-ins (or prying between the door/door-frame).


Double-cylinder deadbolt locks are not good for exterior doors because they require a key to exit as well as enter thus might hinder your escape in an emergency – or block a criminal’s escape. A regular single-cylinder deadbolt is better.

But if you have a breakable window within 36 inches of the lock, a double-cylinder deadbolt will prevent a burglar from unlocking the deadbolt through a broken window – just keep a key hidden nearby for your emergency exit. Or see Security Products - Window Reinforcement to fortify the window and window-frame.

However, a double-cylinder deadbolt is ideal for a Safe Closet described at Security Products - Safe Room.


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Of course, NO security products are guaranteed to prevent any crime - but might serve you well if combined with the guidance in Home Security Overview and Outdoor Safety Overview.

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