Deadly Squabbles and Police Blunders Newsletter

Deadly Squabble

In Tacoma WA, Thomas Tavares Jr. went to collect a $50 debt from his neighbor Brian Mauck. They got into an argument, Tavares felt insulted, so he shot Brian and his wife Beverly to death.

By the way, Tavares had recently spent 16 years in a Massachusetts prison for stabbing his own mother to death - a glaring warning sign if ever there was one. [Killers should remain in cages as long as their victims remain dead (especially those who kill their own mothers.)]

See Crimes of Passion to learn how one-third of all homicides are the result of petty arguments flaming into violence (especially if you argue with a mother killer).


Police Blunder

Real estate agent Marlene Hornick twice warned Winnipeg MB police about Joseph Robert Davis, a violent career criminal, trying to trap female real estate agents by posing as a client. But the police ignored her and never warned her that Davis, while in prison for a sexual offense, took a prison nurse hostage. Still he was later released and soon was arrested for attempting to rape another woman realtor. This is just one more example of "modern" society's warped criminal justice systems: a criminal’s rights outweigh the public’s right to safety.

This case teaches us a golden lesson: to always trust our Intuition, no matter what anyone tells us.

Cops are usually trustworthy, and we’d have anarchy without them - but they're human and nobody is perfect. Nevertheless, to paraphrase Lt. Col. Dave Grossman: Cops are the faithful, ever-vigilant sheepdogs protecting their flocks from the wolves and wild dogs of the world.

That said, in this case the cops inexcusably disregarded a valid heads-up from a concerned citizen about an obvious predator – putting more than one woman at grave risk. I've personally seen somewhat similar shameful police blunders myself. Just a little checking up on Joseph Robert Davis would've revealed his history of evil and likely would've prevented the rape of his most recent victim.

Real estate agents are isolated prey for predators. See Workplace Safety - Real Estate for ways to protect yourself.

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