Child Predators – the dangers kids face walking to & from school.


Anthony Russo, dressed in a Santa suit, grabbed a 12-year-old girl walking to school in Parma OH on a December morning. He came out of the bushes and told the girl to come to him.

She ignored him and kept walking. Russo followed and grabbed her arm twice but she pulled away each time and quickly walked away. He followed.

She told a storeowner and Russo ran off. Police found Russo wearing the Santa suit, carrying a sack of candy canes and a unicycle with bells and Christmas decorations on it.

Protecting a Child Outdoors

First: predators are lurking all around us as shown in Molesters. See for a shocking list of sex offenders in your area. Search your entire metro area – they travel, you know.

Second: NO child should be alone off her/his own property until maybe their mid-teens. Perhaps a bit younger if they’ve attended at least two or three programs. See Free-Range Kids (at the bottom of the page) for more details of the wonderful program.

Third: fortunately, Old Sick Nick chose a child too old to still believe in Santa - and wise enough to seek help from a store-owner. This Christmas Tale reminds us that predators will go to any length to attack a child. Let’s hope no soft-headed judge goes easy on him. Sentencing Russo to 100 years would be a nice Christmas gift to the public – and making him wear his Santa suit in prison. Ho Ho Ho.

Teach your kids the lessons in Child Safety - Outdoors. Follow the links on that page for how to prevent all crimes against children, especially child sexual assault and child kidnapping at Kidnap Escape. Also see Stranger Danger vs Stranger Safety.

A 12-year-old girl is old enough to start learning the teen and adult tips in Outdoor Safety - Overview, Friendly Predators, and Facing Danger.

Enhancing A Child's Options

Deter child predators - beforehand - by holding a Personal Security Alarm (noisemaker or screamer) in plain sight - or at least keeping it in easy reach. (But first ask the police about your local laws. Also see escape strategies at Child Safety Tips: Kidnapping Escape.)

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