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The average burglar commits 87 crimes before his first arrest – and they become more violent as they gain experience. They often watch their intended victims to gather information. Often they strike when their victims are still awake in the evening or anytime throughout the day, because most people don’t arm their alarms until bedtime.

See Flaws in Electronic Security.

Criminal predators have many ways of watching you to see weaknesses in your home’s security, your families’ schedules, and especially in your entire families’ negligence and carefree attitude. If they see few such weaknesses, they tend to move on to an easier target – unless your goodies are particularly tempting. Secluded homes are their favorite targets of all – there are few if any neighbors or passersby to spot them.

Criminal predators – or their accomplices – can be anyone who’s had access to your home. Deliverymen, repairmen, salespeople, or hired help such as nannies or landscapers are oftentimes convicted of aiding burglars or home invaders commit real-life nightmares.

Some criminal predators pose as strollers or joggers who pass by your home. They are very clever at appearing harmless and never arouse suspicion. See Home Security - Cracks for more details.

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