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What Are The Odds?

The U.S. Department of Justice said 2.1 percent of all Americans are attacked each year, making your odds 1 in 47 each year. But since many crimes are not reported, the 2008 Gallup Poll crime survey said 5 percent of all Americans experienced a violent crime in 2007. Yet most people assume they’ll never be attacked.

At any rate, you can be murdered in the safest area, or live a lifetime without a scratch in a murder capital. But since anyone living in or near any metropolitan area lives within a few minutes of thousands of paroled – and mobile – violent felons, your odds are always a gamble.

Improving Your Odds

Though most homes never catch fire and most cars never crash, you still need smoke alarms and seat belts – just in case. And, though most of us are never attacked, you still need to be smarter than a criminal – just in case. Otherwise you’re betting your life – and your loved ones – on the whimsy of fate. Gamble in Vegas, not in your life.

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