Man Shot For Talking During Movie Newsletter

A Philadelphia man, James Joseph Cialella Jr., enraged because a group of people were talking during a movie, pulled out a handgun and shot one of the talkers.

The gunshot victim said a man sitting nearby told his group to be quiet and threw popcorn at them. After arguing with them, Cialella got out of his seat and shot the loudmouth in the arm. Then he sat down to watch the movie (in a quickly emptied theater) until police arrived and arrested him.

Blabbermouths in the theater audience are only one reason many people prefer to watch movies at home. But if you do go to a theater and have the bad luck of sitting near rude chatterboxes, instead of shooting them (though doing everyone else a favor), you can always complain to management and get movie vouchers. At least you won’t end up in jail with no movies.

One-third of all homicides are escalations of trivial squabbles arising among strangers, coworkers, neighbors, friends and family – killing hundreds of people every day worldwide. See Primal Rage and Road Rage.

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