Peeping Toms usually evolve into rapists and/or burglars... Newsletter

A Memphis TN neighborhood is on alert after a naked man has been seen masturbating in backyards while peeping in windows. Police remind you to keep all doors and windows closed and locked – and should consider installing lights outside of your home to deter prowlers.

Peeping Toms often evolve into burglars and/or rapists. Always lock your windows, and at night, always close your shades. See Window Reinforcement.

Jared Baxter broke into a woman’s Augusta GA apartment but she managed to escape. Later, Baxter forced himself into another victim’s apartment and raped her. Baxter struck yet another victim but she fought him off. Baxter peeped through windows, watching his victims. Then police caught him in the act when they saw Baxter looking into the window of a young woman's apartment and arrested him.

Statistically, there is one peeping tom in every neighborhood. Watch for anyone suspicious. Also look for footprints, cigarette butts, and tissues near windows.

Outdoor Security Lighting keeps peeping toms and burglars away.
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