Drew Peterson’s Missing Wife
An Idiot Judge

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Drew Peterson’s Missing Wife

Stacy Peterson, missing mother of two, told a friend that her husband, police sergeant Drew Peterson, said he'd kill her if she tried to leave him. On October 26, 2007, Stacy told Drew that she wanted a divorce. She disappeared two days later. Her husband claims that she ran away - possibly with another man.

Stacy Peterson had told relatives how her husband often threatened her, monitored her phone calls, and controlled her every move. Also, one of his previous wives had died under suspicious circumstances.

As many as one-half of all women treated in hospital emergency rooms are there because of violent relationships.One-third of all women murder victims are killed by an intimate partner. One-quarter to one-half of all women's suicides are linked to relationship violence.

Countless women have ruined their lives by thinking that their tender, loving care can mend a disturbed man. You cannot change him, but you can rescue yourself by getting away from him as soon as possible.

Are you at risk? See Domestic Violence for warning signs, profiles, behavior patterns, and escape routes.

Idiot Judge

In February 2007, Amit Livingston confessed to and was convicted in the Cameron County courtroom in Brownsville, TX of murdering Hermila Hernandez and sentenced to 23 years in prison. However, Judge Abel Limas, in an act of sheer and utter stupidity, allowed Livingston 60 days as a free man to "get his affairs in order."

Not surprisingly, Livingston has disappeared into thin air - a killer on the loose - despite being featured on "America's Most Wanted" TV show . And the blithering idiot Limas is still a judge.

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