How To Prevent A Follow-Home/Mug-In Home Invasion Newsletter 

A woman left a Minneapolis MN grocery store in mid-afternoon and encountered a man trying to make small talk. She ignored him. But he followed her to her apartment and again tried to talk to her. He then pulled out a gun and demanded her purse. He ordered her into her apartment and forced her into the bedroom, saying he was going to tie her up. She tried to run but he punched her several times. Trying again to escape, she got away and ran to safety. He fled.

Her bravery and resilience saved her, very possibly, from worse harm. But she would’ve been far better off by taking action earlier – before her life was at stake - see Set Your Boundaries at friendly predators. She could have escaped him earlier (as he followed her) while still able to run to nearby safe havens, thereby avoiding a Follow-Home that became a Mug-In. And now he knows where she lives.

By the way, you can also learn how to avoid a Follow-Home while you're driving - see Driving-Safety-Tips.

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