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Outdoor security lighting is the best way to keep nighttime burglars far away. They'd rather hunt for easy pickings under the cover of night.

Outdoor floodlights are well known as a crucial part of burglary prevention. Now the newer models give us even more options.

Good outdoor floodlights – at least bright enough to allow you to read a newspaper or analog wristwatch throughout your target area – are very effective for nighttime burglary prevention. See Burglary Prevention for round-the-clock home defense.

Shine them on all areas around your doors and windows all night long. If burglars can see from a distance that you have no hiding spots around your house, they'll likely go elsewhere to find a house with poor lighting.

And for any burglar who does come closer, add motion detector floodlights to pop on and startle him – as a surprise warning that he's been detected – and he may worry that a motion detector camera is now recording him.

Plus, a motion detector floodlight can also ring a chime alarm indoors to alert you.

Combining Them All Together Is Easy

Outdoor motion detector floodlights turn on automatically when motion is detected (only at night) and turn off after an adjustable time interval. Options include:

A. Send motion-activated signals to 4 other devices (floodlights, alarms).
B. Turn on lights all over your home when motion is detected in one area.
C. Use with a chime module as an automatic "doorbell."
D. Send dusk/dawn light-activated signals to 4 other devices (floodlights, etc). Those stay on all night and off all day.

They'll automatically protect your home at night whether you’re at home or away – and they'll greet you when you arrive home after dark.

Install the motion detector floodlights over walkways, parking spots, and other dark areas to reveal and scare off prowlers. They hate all outdoor security lighting – especially sudden lighting that implies you have even more burglary prevention products.

Invaders & Burglars Avoid Tough Targets

Make it obvious that your house is the toughest target in your neighborhood – burglars will likely move on to easier targets.

For both night-and-day use, you can also get a separate outdoor motion detector with an indoor audio alarm that sounds like a doorbell. False alarms from wind-blown leaves or a wandering cat usually aren’t much of a problem.


Solar outdoor lighting lights up your home automatically from dusk to dawn whether you're at home or away – with free solar power.

In addition to good outdoor security lighting, you must also fortify your doors, windows, garage and yard – and just as important – your entire family must follow the safety guidance taught in Home Security.

Of course, NO security products are guaranteed to prevent any crime - but might serve you well if combined with the guidance in Home Security Overview and Outdoor Safety Overview.

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