When a baby carriage suddenly rolled into the path of his car in Harrisburg PA, the driver slammed on his brakes – but struck it lightly anyway. In a panic, he got out to check the carriage but there was no baby inside. Just then a woman walked up and took the now bent carriage away without saying a word. The man then felt something hard pressed into his back and was ordered to give up his wallet, then was struck in the head.

At least his car wasn’t taken as well. Other blockades are also used for robberies or carjackings, such as trashcans, logs, bicycles, another car, or somebody lying "unconscious" in your path – anything to cause you to stop.

See how to deal with devious car ambushes.

Also see Criminal Minds - Overview to see a list of tricks, lures, and scams that predators use to trap you. You’ll also learn how to use your intuition to detect their setup before it’s too late.

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