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A man broke into several cars in a Memphis TN neighborhood but couldn’t find anything of value. He then broke into someone's home. He had a gun, but so did the homeowner. They exchanged gunfire and the intruder was killed. Afterward, neighbor Priscilla Smith wondered if she too had had a close call with the criminal. She said that someone had knocked at her door late that night and her husband kept asking who was there. I said, “Don't open that door.”

Criminals usually don't specialize in one type of crime. They’ll seize any opportunity.

The wife was very wise to warn her husband. She likely saved them both from the nightmare of a Push-In.

A robbery is bad enough, but a home invasion often escalates far beyond that. The structure of the home shields the invader from the eyes of neighbors and passersby – and muffles the screams of the victims. Thus the privacy provided by a home often causes an invader to become crazed with the power of God over his victims’ life or death – as well as rape and torture.

The invader is usually a drug addict suffering withdrawals and is convinced that his victims are withholding secret hiding spots for valuables. No matter how much they beg and pray, the invader doesn’t believe them and his power becomes rage. And all that horror occurs simply because some innocent soul was naïve enough to open their door to a stranger. And that nightmare can happen at any time of night or day.

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