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and the News Media is Still Whispering the Truth about Home Invasions

Leslie Williams, a sex offender recently released from prison, said he entered the UNLOCKED home in New Britain CT intending to steal money and a car. But he found two women inside and decided to kill the witnesses. Williams told police he saw one woman walk into the other's house. Two minutes later, he walked in....

Here we go again! Just eight months earlier in nearby Cheshire CT, two monsters entered a home through an UNLOCKED door, beat and bound Dr. Petit, tortured and raped his wife and two daughters for six hours, then poured gasoline on the females and set them afire. Yet the massive media coverage barely mentioned the UNLOCKED door that allowed the massacre, thereby depriving the public of a vital lesson. See Media Whispers the Truth about the Petit Family Massacre.

Now two women were attacked through yet another UNLOCKED door! And once again the media glosses over the UNLOCKED door. Once again they didn’t emphasize that a hideous nightmare NEVER would’ve happened if the door had been LOCKED (and kept locked). The media blew yet another chance to help prevent future home invasions.

Will the news media ever wake up and thoroughly emphasize simple life-and-death lessons within news stories of home invasions? Not only the above tragedies – but almost ANY home intrusion as well – NEVER would’ve happened if the victims had followed the simple rules listed below.

Roughly half of the 7,000-plus home invasions daily in the US are Walk-Ins through doors and windows blithely left unlocked. Never targeted yet, these Pollyannas are either blissfully ignorant, lazy, or defiantly careless. Crime survivors, however, think very differently. They know better.

Find simple security strategies at home security overview as well as door reinforcement and Alarms.

ALWAYS keep ALL your doors and windows LOCKED and NEVER open your door – not even an inch – to any visitor you don’t know and trust. Period. That will STOP most home invasions. Repeat: at NO cost... Repeat: that will STOP most home invasions...

Of course, predators will always find prey – but the most cautious targets will be spared. Gamble in Vegas – not in your life.

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