A Petty Murder,
and A Bike Path Rapist

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A Petty Murder

In Batehaven, Australia, Tracey Pratt bludgeoned her elderly neighbors Ken and Margaret Keyte to death for setting a rabbit trap that had captured her cat.

Our pets are precious to us, but now Tracey Pratt is in prison where no pets are allowed. Roughly one-third of all homicides result from rather minor altercations escalating into violence.

See examples of the most trivial conflicts that have resulted in murder – and how to try to avoid being on either end of them:

Losing It - little things that escalate.
Road Rage - avoiding a lunatic.

A Bike Path Predator

A woman was riding on a bike path in Lansingburgh NY when Stephen Pluff, riding in the opposite direction, reached his arm out, knocked her down, and raped her.

Crime strikes like lightening from out of the blue when you least expect it. There's no such thing as location immunity. See Force Predators

Enhancing Your Options

Deter a predator by holding Pepper Spray & a Personal Security Alarm (noisemaker or screamer) in plain sight. And those pages show how to use them most effectively.

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