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The British government’s Sanctuary Projects are providing victims of domestic violence with refuges where they can hide from their violent partners. The main bedroom is provided with a reinforced door, a spy hole, an escape ladder and window locks.

Using the bedroom itself as a safe room may be a poor choice because both the victim and abuser may already be in the bedroom when the violence begins. A better choice for a battering victim might be a safe closet (either within the bedroom or elsewhere in the home).

But above and beyond a battered woman needing a safe room for an emergency escape from domestic violence, she must also consider the overall picture of her life. Why is she staying in such a dangerous situation where she needs a safe room to escape from a violent partner?

Any domestic violence victim (or anyone fearing threats of potential violence) who doesn’t leave that relationship immediately must learn about themselves at Battered Woman Syndrome.

In addition, if the battered woman has children who see or suspect that their mother is being beaten, they’ll be forever emotionally scarred with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – described on Crime-Survivors-Overview and Crime-Survivors-Recap.

Children witnessing their mother being harmed – especially by their father or stepfather – will almost certainly develop a lifelong distrust of intimate relationships.

Modern societies are now very much aware of the horrors of domestic violence – with or without children involved. See Domestic Violence for insights and how experts will help you escape. That’s your first step toward safety and freedom from abuse.


Still, a safe room (or closet) can also protect you from burglars and home invaders. Learn how to create a safe room, safe closet, hidden rooms, small safes, and hiding spots at Safe Room.

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