A Woman Was A Victim Of A Mug-In Home Invasion - While Sitting On Her Own Porch

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Nicky Hall, sitting on her home’s front porch in Orange County FL, saw three men down the street walking on the sidewalk toward her house. She sensed a foreboding yet ignored her intuition and waited for the men to pass by before going inside. The men stopped for a moment in front of her house, quickly whispered amongst themselves, then suddenly rushed onto her porch, pointed a gun at her face, and pushed her inside her home. She told them she had no money and begged them to leave. Then her husband, Robert Hall, appeared from another room. The gunman shot him dead and the three men fled.

There are five ways to invade a home: break-in, walk-in, push-in, scam-in, and what happened to the Halls - a mug-in.

Since hindsight is 20/20, it’s easy to see that this tragic crime is one more example of the common mistake of ignoring your “sixth sense” and hoping for the best. On the other hand, you’ll see examples of folks narrowly avoiding criminal predators by heeding their intuition.

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