Criminal Minds

The criminal minds of predators have the advantage of choosing the plan, the time, the place, and the prey. Yet all their clever lures and traps depend upon one critical factor: the naïveté of their prey.

These unprecedented pages expose the bottom line in all their cunning schemes, then debunk them with the golden rule for dodging lures and traps. In one fell swoop, these pages forever blow away your naiveté.

All their sly maneuvering begs the next question: just what kind of minds contrive such diabolical traps? How can a predator – a human being, after all – be an inhumane monster? And how can you best outsmart him?

The victim refused to believe that anyone would intentionally hurt her – she was too friendly and kindhearted. Much of what she remembers now is a blur, someone approaching from behind, being hit and kicked, running into the street screaming, being struck by a car. She still can't beleive it happened, and is too afraid to leave her apartment.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is always worse for crime survivors who'd had a Pollyanna attitude.


Innocently naïve victims had projected their own normal moral values, beliefs, and behavior onto a criminal without realizing the enormity of their blunder. Friendly predators are especially tricky.

As you'll see, criminal predator's brains have defective wiring - no compassion. They're either psychopaths, sociopaths, or have antisocial personality disorder - depending on which shrink diagnoses them. Whatever the diagnosis, they do not think like you think.

You cannot reason with or beg a predator – you must outmaneuver him. These pages reveal his Achilles’ heel - his primary weakness – and how to use it to escape him.

Personal Security Devices to Aid Your Escape

Deter a predator by carrying a Personal Security Alarm (screamer or noisemaker) & Pepper Spray in plain sight. Those pages teach you how to use the most effectively.

Now learn ALL about Criminal Minds

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: friendly predators you'd never suspect.
Quick Tricks: insights into sleight of hand and physical bluffs that predators use to bamboozle you.
Mind Games: how master manipulators control you like a puppet on a string.
Intuition: trusting your early-warning survival system.
Predator Profiles: robber's, rapist's, and killer's minds.
Predatory Mind: an extraordinarily enlightening view into the heart of darkness - and how to beat him at his own game.
Recap of Criminal Minds.

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