Scam-In Home Invasions Newsletter

A teenage girl in Dublin, Ireland knocked on the door of an elderly homeowner and told him that her kitten had run into his backyard garden. While the man went round back with her to look for her pet, the girl’s accomplice, Winnie Cash, a 39-year-old mother-of-three, entered the open door to rob his home. An alert neighbor phoned the police who arrived as Cash was leaving with a sack full of stolen goods.

Charlie Henry of Shreveport LA said three men knocked on his door while looking for another person’s address. A week later, a woman rang his doorbell and asked for a drink of water. As soon as Henry let her in, the three men stormed into his house, bashed him in the head, tied him to his bed, and robbed him of $700.

These scam-ins are also known as diversion or distraction home invasions. This is just one of many devious ploys to fool trusting people. See Scam-In to learn how to outsmart any of them.

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