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On 11 Mar 2008, the following message was submitted to crime-safety-security.com from South Africa:
To whom may concern,
I've found your details via internet about protecting women against violence. I'm on behalf of [my friend], she is not a strong woman. Her mother dumped her to abusive home and her mother left her and she is now in [another country]. Now [my friend] is suffering with her ongoing abusive partner. I'm getting worried about her emotional and mental and physical state she's in - especially her safely. She needs help but she don't know how! Is there any way? I need your help and this is urgent. I got all her details of where she's stays. I would be glad to meet you in person to talk more about her. Please please I need your help!!!! She's living in [location deleted]. Please make sure she must not know that I contact you because her abusive partner got a gun and he knows who I am. You know what I'm saying??? I would be much appreciate for your co-operation.
[Concerned Friend]
To: [Concerned Friend]
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Dear [Concerned Friend],
Your concern for [your friend] is admirable. Contact the local authorities.
If they can't or won't help [your friend], perhaps you can arrange to secrete her to a safe haven where she can start life anew – without her abusive partner able to trace her.
I hope you can help her find a true escape route. Please let me know what happens.
From: [Concerned Friend]
To: michaelloftus@crime-safety-security.com Date: 11 Mar 2008
Thanks Michael
I've finally heard from [agency deleted] - we busy co-operating concerning this matter. I rather contact to many people as much as possible to bring attention. I'm glad to have good respond and [agency deleted] will keep in touch with me shortly as I've hoped. I hope for the best for [my friend] to keep her safe from harm. Thank you for your repsond. I really appreciate it. I will let you know how things goes.
All the best
[Concerned Friend]
P.S. By the way, I cannot and will not arrange with her secretly because her partner knows me well and he can get hold of me. [My friend] cannot keep quiet. That's the problem. I'm just hoping [agency deleted] would sort it out. I rather remained anonymous for my own safely sake. See. I have to push to do something. I hope it would works out.
Thanks again. :-)

As Domestic Violence points out, a battered woman is often bewildered by seemingly hopeless circumstances even though they could lead to her murder or suicide. Oftentimes no neighbors even call the police during obvious beatings nearby because they each think or hope someone else will do so. Or afterward, injuries are passed off with flimsy excuses. Bystanders may be afraid to get involved, but if nothing else, you can at least make an anonymous call to the police. Give them enough of a foothold to very possibly save her life – even if she currently refuses to help herself. Also see Rescuing a Victim Safely.

See how to escape a dangerous man at Stop a Stalker.

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