Survival Options:
Worst-Case Scenarios

A sudden threat often makes people freeze, panic, or react feebly. The Survival Options on these pages will help you quickly choose between Posturing, Fleeing, Outsmarting, Surrendering, or Fighting.

Predators walk among us who commit evil acts without a bit of remorse – and actually delight in your horror. If you hide from that reality, you become easy prey. Thinking you’re safe doesn’t make you safe. Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood is like a unicorn – neither one exists. If you want to gamble with your life and those of your loved ones – then so be it – it’s your decision. But when lightning strikes, you can never say you were never warned.

It’s better to know this and not need it, than to need it and not know it. Learning your options now is far better than trying to make instant life-and-death decisions during the sudden chaos of a crisis. Let’s blow away the naïveté of the prey:

Naïveté of the Prey

• ignoring your intuition,
• worrying about hurting someone’s feelings rather than ensuring your security,
• assuming mid-day is safer than midnight,
• fighting for your valuables rather than giving them up and fleeing,
• waiting too long to escape or waiting too long to attack the attacker to expedite your escape,
• allowing yourself to be abducted or bound (putting yourself totally at the mercy of a criminal),
• giving up....


Shooting Rampage: seven options for surviving.
Hostage Taking: the slightest edge makes all the difference in survival.
Hostage Escape: optimizing hostage survival and escape.
Kidnapping avoidance and prevention.
Kidnap Escape: optimizing kidnap survival and escape.
SOS Distress Signals for summoning help in all situations.
Surviving the Worst: options for the worst of the worst-case scenarios: fighting for your life; and gang attack.
Recap of Options for Survival.

Personal Safety Devices

Deter a predator by holding Pepper Spray & a Personal Security Alarm (noisemaker or screamer) in plain sight. Those pages show how to use them most effectively.

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