Workplace Safety Tips:

Workplace safety begins with realizing that it can “happen here”- and how to prevent it.

The 9/11 commission concluded that our "most important failure was one of imagination." We simply couldn't imagine something of that magnitude actually happening, and thus didn't take the necessary preventive steps.

The same thing applies to work. Survivors of workplace rampages almost always say afterward that they couldn't have imagined that an odd coworker could be lethal. People tend to see and hear what they want to see and hear.

Find the foresight to help you dodge the violence of:
coworkers with jobs, marriages, or egos in jeopardy becoming sullen, belligerent, and volatile;
coworkers, friends, and relatives about to go over the edge;
coworkers and neighbors feuding over such things as job duties, parking spaces, loud music, etc. 

Rampage shooters display the same warning signs whether it's in the workplace, school, shopping mall, or anywhere.

Workplace Safety Tips

Workplace Risks & Remedies: seeing warning signs before violence erupts.
Resolving Conflicts: handling verbal threats, harassment at work, defusing a volatile situation, and building a safety net before you need it.
Bank & Store Robberies: minimizing the dangers.
Real-Estate Agent Safety: protecting lone prey.
Losing It - Petty Murders: cautionary tales of flirting with disaster.
Recap & Resources for heading off trouble at work.

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