OVERVIEW of Home Defense

For the first time anywhere, all home intrusions are now classified into five types so you can easily understand and implement home security.

Sloppy home defense leads to more than 4,500 home intrusions every day – either by sneakily quiet burglars or violent invaders. The U.S. Department of Justice says up to 30 percent of all homes will be burgled or invaded in the next 20 years.

Yet many people are careless both in their behavior and in fortifying their homes with hardware and electronics. They rely on sheer luck that their lazy habits and flimsy hardware will protect them. “Hey, it’s a safe neighborhood. Nothing ever happens around here.” 

Harold Preston is now locking his doors after one of his neighbors, a woman living alone, was severely beaten and robbed when a stranger walked in. Neighbors can't believe it happened – not in their sleepy little town near Ottawa where nobody locks their doors.


Burglars usually avoid occupied homes but some invaders actually want you at home so they can get your wallet, car keys, and hidden caches – making home invasions more lucrative than street robberies and more violent. Vicious predators, knowing that the home itself hides their crime from neighbors and passersby, often become frenzied with power, terrorizing, raping, torturing. The surviving victims never fully recover. However....

Burglaries/Invasions are the most PREVENTABLE of ALL Crimes

 To add to the familiar police terms of Break-In, Walk-In, and Push-In, I’ve identified two new categories: Scam-In and Mug-In – as shown below:


Break-In - most homes are easy to invade. Learn what burglars hunt for.
Walk-In - most home intrusions are through unlocked doors!
Push-In - blindly opening the door if someone knocks. Instead, always first use a peephole and/or intercom to know who is knocking.
Scam-In - believing a stranger's clever scam and opening your door (even an inch - see Push-In above). Never allow a stranger to enter.
Mug-In - how to avoid an ambush outside your home and ordered inside.
Cracks in Security - subtle variations of the five types of home intrusions.
College - Apartment & Dormitory Security - how to stay safe despite careless roommates.
Apartment Security - how renters can stay safe. FAQ
Good Neighbors - another layer of home protection.
Burglary Prevention - what burglars hope you don't know. FAQ
Home Safety Tips - what to do when your doorbell rings.
Home Intercom System -  stay safe when strangers knock on your door.
Peepholes - know who's knocking on your door before you open it.
Safe Room - where to go in a home invasion.
Security Products Overview
Recap - a quick summary of this entire section.

Safeguard your home security even if you live in Sleepy Valley - predators like to prowl where the prey least expect them.

Prevent the vast majority of home intrusions - whether by burglar or invader by making sure all your family members use these strategies. Of course, predators will always find prey – but the most cautious targets will more likely be spared.

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