A Woman Barely Escapes An Attacker,
and A Woman Child Molester

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A Woman Barely Escapes An Attacker

A woman left a Fort Myers FL store and got in her car when Robert Neal (nicknamed “Beast”) entered her unlocked passenger door, put a knife to her throat and forced her to drive to an abandoned house. There, in a frenzy, he beat, stabbed, and raped her until she managed to escape.

See Always Keep Your Doors Locked in Avoiding Carjacking. Also see Escaping Carjacking to avoid being taken to a secondary crime scene where you have far fewer options and odds of survival, and see the survival strategies at Driving Safety Tips.

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A Woman Child Molester

A garbage collector found sex videotapes in the trash and turned them over to police. They showed a 33-year-old Florida woman, Kelly Lumadue, having sex with a 5-year-old boy. She will spend the rest of her life in prison.

Roughly 10 percent of all child molesters are women. Surprised? Learn the subtle warning signs and how to protect a child from all Molesters.

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