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On Tue Nov 11 11:04:33 2008, the following results were submitted from the "Contact Us" on crime-safety-security.com:
From: [deleted]
E-mail Address: [deleted]
Country: USA
Comments: I am concerned about shootings in the public school system. I live in Indiana and wonder if there is an anonymous hot line where you can call. Say if you heard a child talk about shooting another class mate. How can this be reported without getting in the middle of it?

Thank you,


From: michaelloftus @ crime-safety-security.com
To: [deleted]
Subject: Irresponsible Parents
Date: Tue Nov 11 23:42:37


Thank you for your concern.

You can call your local police department, explain your concerns and your desire for anonymity, and ask to speak to a detective ASAP. They will honor your anonymity and quickly act to prevent a tragedy.

Michael Loftus Sr.

P.S. Please keep me informed as to your results.


The police are extremely responsive to school violence – especially gun crimes. An innocently, well-intentioned false alarm is certainly better than a tragedy. Too many times a lifesaving tip-off was never made. The old cliché is indeed true: Better Safe Than Sorry.

See School Violence Prevention FAQ

This is related to Rescuing a Victim Safely

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