Door-Window/Break-In Home Invasion Newsletter

A Greenwood SC woman heard two loud knocks at the front door. Moments later, Kelvin Kenard Martin broke a window pane out of the front door, reached inside and let himself into the house, carrying a handgun. He hit the woman twice and, after a struggle, fled.

Boy, that big window on your door sure looks fancy. And the vertical panel of windows next to your door is even more elegant. Your visitors will be impressed - especially if your visitor is a violent predator looking for easy, naïve prey.

All it takes is to break the glass or quietly use some tape and a glass-cutter, then reach through the hole to unlock the door. It's ridiculously easy. Then your home - your nest and sanctuary - suddenly becomes a huge advantage for the predator by muffling your screams from neighbors. You’ll go from heaven to hell in a heartbeat.

Learn how to avoid such a nightmare: see door reinforcement and window reinforcement.

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