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Pickpockets go for easy targets. Pickpockets may be anyone from a mother with a child, someone limping with a cane, to a couple dressed as well-to-do elderly, someone in a wheelchair, or any possible disguise to appear harmless – while a partner performs the ‘trick’. They are masterful thieves and should be called pickpocket artists. Their well-practiced hands are as fast as a blur. Pockets with zippers and buttons make ‘lifting’ more difficult. A razor is the tool when all else fails. They hold it between their middle and index finger and with one swift movement slit open the bottom of the pocket. The wallet then falls right into their hands. A friendly stranger that is anxious to get near you can be a pickpocket. Try to keep a hand on your belongings when such a person approaches you. Most people think nothing of it when a person presses or bumps into them.

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