Elderly Safety

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Senior safety products for home and outdoors will protect you – if you use them properly. Seniors need to know about the dangers they face – and how to reduce their risk. Elderly folks are obviously little physical threat to a predator, but they are also often easy to target because their habits are predictable. Predators often watch them for days or even weeks before striking and know exactly what to expect. Also, the elderly tend to be trusting – not wanting to be rude. It’s against their nature to drive away from a possibly legitimate request for help or to not open the door for someone “in need.” Predators always prefer easy prey.

Whether at home or outdoors, frail elderly targets attract predators looking for easy prey. Making matters worse, seniors tend to be more trusting and less cautious – giving predators an even bigger advantage. Two men carrying clipboards posing as door-to-door salesmen knocked on the door of the elderly couple’s Calgary home. When the door opened, they burst in, demanding valuables, and then left them barely alive – fleeing with little of value.

Simply give security products to your parents or grandparents, install them yourself, and teach your loved ones how to use them.

Senior Safety Products for the Home

• Never answer the door without checking who’s there. Simply look through a peephole. If you know and trust the person, open the door. If you do NOT know the person – even if it’s a woman or child – use a doorbell intercom (at Home Intercom System) to find out what they want (and then be skeptical of their answer – see Home Security - Push-In).

• Fortify all exterior doors. See Door Security Systems, Sliding Door Security, Burglary Prevention, and Apartment Security.

• Get a monitored Alarm System - either a security-products-alarms or a DIY home security system. The optional panic buttons are excellent for any elderly safety emergency – crime, fire, or medical. A pocket remote-control unit while you’re anywhere in or around your home can summon emergency help and/or help scare off a criminal.

Senior Safety Products for Outdoors

When going outdoors, always have a personal security alarm (noisemaker or screamer) within quick reach, and carry pepper spray at the ready.

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GPS Child Locator works for elderly safety, too.


Of course, NO security products are guaranteed to prevent any crime - but might serve you well if combined with the guidance in Home Security Overview and Outdoor Safety Overview.

Remember that even if you live in Sleepy Valley – predators like to prowl where the prey least expect them.

Prevent the vast majority of crimes against seniors by always using the above strategies. Of course, predators will always find prey – but the most cautious targets will likely be spared.

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