Victim Beats Sex Attacker in the Wilderness Newsletter

Vincent Goff, wearing a mask and wielding a gun, sexually assaulted at least nine different couples camping outdoors in Mississippi for years. He’d stalk a couple, confront them suddenly, make them disrobe and perform sexual acts, and then he’d join in. One couple managed to escape by jumping into a river and swimming to the other side. Finally, a male victim was able to wrestle the gun away from Goff and beat him nearly to death.

Per capita, crime rates in the wilderness are just as high as in cities and towns. Plus, the predators have a huge advantage out in the boonies - in all likelihood, there are NO witnesses around to identify them or possibly rescue you. Also, there are no cellphone towers nearby, so your cellphone is useless for calling 911 - and park rangers are miles and miles away anyway. You're on your own -  all alone - and only YOU can save yourself. Are you truly prepared for that? Or do you want to throw caution to the wind and take your chances? Gamble in Vegas - not in your life.

The same goes if you get lost or injured. Before you go off on a wilderness adventure in the great outdoors, see wilderness safety at Camping and Camping Safety & Hiking Safety.

Enhancing Your Options

In the wilderness, likely with no possible rescuers within earshot, and police many hours away, a firearm is your best self defense. A good-sized, protective dog might help too.

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