Home Security:

Home security means fortifying your home with hardware and electronics – and making sure your entire family uses them properly as well as observing all the guidance in this section.

Your behavior - either careful or careless - is the crucial factor.

Know that roughly half of America’s 7,000+ home intrusions daily (2.5 million annually) are through unlocked doors and windows. Those intrusions are called Walk-Ins. It's that simple - and there's NO valid excuse for being careless. Why gamble with your life?

Douglas Mendoza-Lobos entered a Reno NV woman's home through an unlocked back door. She woke in the middle of the night and found Mendoza-Lobos near her bed, rummaging through her purse. He put a pistol to her head and raped her as she begged him not to kill her. The woman's boyfriend then came home and attacked Mendoza-Lobos, who fired at him twice, then pistol-whipped him. That gave the woman a chance to take her pistol from beneath her bed and shoot the attacker in his foot. Mendoza-Lobos fled from the home, limping and bleeding. Police caught him within minutes.

That nightmare, and a million more like it every year, can easily br prevented by simply always keeping your doors locked.

Beyond that, most doors, locks, and windows are pathetically weak against break-ins from burglars and invaders. And most people are naïve, easy prey for push-ins, mug-ins, and scam-ins (as well as the walk-ins and break-ins). All five of those nightmares can be prevented with the know-how in the Overview link below.

Since predators love hunting where the prey least expect them, you need to honor your home defense - even if you live in Sleepy Valley.

By the way, all your family members must use these home security strategies. No chain is any stronger than its weakest link. Predators will always find prey – but the most cautious targets will likely be spared.

Altogether, you and your loved ones can be the safest in your area. It all comes down to how safe you choose to be.

My thanks to the law enforcement faculty at the www.Crime-Prevention-Association-of-Michigan.net (CPAM) for insights into access control for all buildings.

See the Bibliography for recommended reading.

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