Victim's Options
Five Options

Your CHECKLIST of a Victim's Options when targeted by a criminal predator:

A force predator ambushes a victim – or sniffs around briefly before pouncing.

A friendly predator – a seemingly harmless guy getting close and gaining trust – first lures a victim into his trap, then attacks.

• If facing a burglar or robber, give up your valuables and allow him to escape – or you should escape.

• When facing an abduction (or if you’re isolated in your home by a burglar), your survival odds are far better by escaping immediately (see Kidnapping and Kidnap Survival.

• If you can’t flee, and outsmarting him or posturing isn’t working, you have two options left: surrendering or fighting. Dare you risk surrendering and putting yourself fully at the mercy of a criminal – or fighting? Only your Intuition can guide you. If you do choose to fight, then attack him as described in When to Fight and Psycho Psyching in Optimal Mindset.

• See Visualizing Success in Acting.

• There are only two rules if you must fight: never fight fair and never give up.


To deter a predator - beforehand - carry a Personal Security Alarm (screamer or noisemaker) & Pepper Spray in plain sight.Those pages also tell you how to use them most effectively if needed.


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