Outdoor Safety Tips for Women

SUMMARY of Outdoor Safety

• Human predators hunt for human prey like lions stalk antelopes. They target the careless, distracted, unwary, and those who’ve strayed away from the herd. Know this: human predators are experts at looking and acting innocent and harmless.

• Beware of anyone trying to get near you or using a lure to get you alone. Listen to your intuition trying to warn you. See criminal's mind games for more on predator’s clever lures.

• Carry a second wallet filled with phony ID and a wad of one-dollar bills for throwing down while you escape. Hopefully, he'll grab that and leave you alone. Keep your valuables in a security pouch under your clothing.

• Carry pepper spray & a security alarm (noisemaker or screamer).

• In a robbery, avoid eye contact, move slowly, and do not fight for your money. Give it up and instantly flee. Fight – maybe – only to avoid rape, assault, or abduction. See victim’s options - overview and survival options - overview.

• Remember the rule of opposites: if a predator tells you not to yell, he's worried someone might hear you – so yell as loud as you can. If he wants to move you to another location, fight for your life on the spot instead. You’re far better off where you already are. See survival options - kidnapping.

• What should you do if a predator threatens your companion with a weapon while ordering you to obey his commands? See Hostage/Slave in survival options - hostage taking.


1. Forgetting that predators prefer hunting where the prey least expect them.

2. Falling for a lure to isolate you. See Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.

3. Letting someone get near you, especially in an isolated spot.

4. Believing a criminal. Obviously, criminals can't be trusted. They often say, “Do what I say and I won’t hurt you.” But remember that anyone who uses threats of violence is likely to use violence after all.

5. Fighting for your wallet, purse, or other valuables. It’s not worth it. They're replaceable. You aren't.

6. Trying to reason with a criminal. Criminals are not reasonable – they don't think like you do. It's better to outsmart him with a ploy. See Victims Options - Outsmarting.

7. Waiting for "the right time" to escape – it may never come. The sooner you escape, the better. You might have to surprise-attack him to enable your escape. See Fighting Options - When to Fight.

Personal Safety Devices &
Recommended Reading

Carry a Personal Security Alarm (screamer or noisemaker) & Pepper Spray readily available. And those pages teach you how to most effectively use them.

Recommended Reading for Outdoor Safety

Fearless by Paul Henry Danylewich. University of Toronto Press.
On Killing by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. Back Bay Books.
Strong on Defense by Sanford Strong. Pocket Books.
Tough Target by J.J. Bittenbinder. Running Press.

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