Workplace Safety Tips:
Losing It to
Crimes of Passion

Workplace Safety Tips - Losing It: Crimes of Passion at work, home, or anywhere. Anger is just one letter short of danger.

An argument over a CD player ended with four people dead in an office in Huntsville AL.

When you see a headline screaming: "NORMAL MAN GOES ON MURDEROUS RAMPAGE!" – you can bet that it's an urban myth. A normal soul never suddenly just "snaps" and goes on a rampage. Rampaging killers always have a violent, anti-social, maladjusted history. He/she might have appeared normal to witnesses who barely knew him, but the full story always reveals that the killer was a ticking time-bomb just waiting to explode.

One of the best preventive steps is for alert employees to carefully confront the situation and voice concerns to management – then make sure that management ensures their safety. Co-workers often think it's not their problem. But bystander empowerment can be crucial.

Rampage shooters – whether in schools, shopping malls, or the workplace – almost always display the same early-warning-signs shown at Workplace Risks & Remedies

See Verbal Self Defense at Victim’s Options - Outsmarting.

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