Travel Security:


• When outdoors, follow the guidance in Street Crime FAQ and Outdoor Safety - Overview.

• When driving, follow the guidance in Driving Safety Tips FAQ and Car-Security-Overview.

• Know that predators love hunting for carefree travelers stumbling through unfamiliar territory.

• Know that hotels have an ever-changing cast of guests for criminals to blend in with, phones linking all rooms by dialing a room-number, easily bribed staff, easy-to-get staff uniforms and badges, and notoriously sloppy security.

• Know that the legal rights you enjoy in your home country are different in foreign lands.

Portable Burglar Alarm Equipment & Personal Security Devices

• Door-Stop Alarm for hotel security – a door wedge (both a siren and a physical barrier to forced entry).
• Doorknob Alarm - shrieks when jostled.
• Stash clothing (such as a money belt).
• Stash safes (diversion safes): ordinary cans (of deodorant or whatever) modified with hidden storage space.
GPS Child Locator: a child tracking device.
Personal Security devices
Pepper Spray (if local laws allow it)
Personal Security Alarm: (noisemaker or screamer)

Recommended Reading

Safety and Security for Women Who Travel by Sheila Swan and Peter Laufer

Crime-Safety-Security > Travel Security Overview > Recap

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