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The following security products and personal safety devices are for home, outdoors, travel, and children.

GPS Child Locator - click to see details.

Personal Security Alarm (noisemaker or screamer) - click to see details.

Hotel/Motel Doorstop Alarms (a wedge under the door) might not stop a very aggressive Push-In or a kick-in. But when traveling (or in a school dormitory), will at least slow down an intruder, alert you, and very possibly scare him off.

Stash Safes (also known as diversion safes) hide your valuables in ordinary containers at home or away.

Stash Clothing hides your valuables in hidden belts, socks, or pockets. Give a mugger a dummy wallet stuffed with small bills, then run to safety.

Stun guns or batons produce a menacing electrical arcing that will probably scare off an attacker – or can immobilize him if you're close enough to apply it to his bare skin. They're considered non-lethal and are legally allowed in most states for private citizens. But check with your local police before carrying one.

Tasers, basically, are stun guns with electrified, wired darts that fly toward an attacker as far away as 15 feet – and can immobilize him even through light clothing. They're designed to keep an attacker down for 30 seconds while you escape. They're also considered non-lethal and are allowed in most states for private citizens. But check with your local police before carrying one.

Stun Lights - similar to a camera's flash bulb - briefly impair an attacker’s vision and might give you an extra second or two to flee to safety. They're less effective in daylight but still give you a slight edge.

Pepper Spray - click to see details.

Skunk spray is a foul-smelling chemical (worse than a skunk) that nauseates both the attacker and the victim. It makes no sense to deter your escape. Pepper spray is better.

Dye spray indelibly marks a criminal to help police catch him after he's attacked you. Too late! It's better to use pepper spray to stop him beforehand!

Kubotans are 4-inch ribbed rods with a hole in one end for your key ring. One end can project from your fist like an ice pick, and the other end can whip your keys into the eyes of an attacker. Be careful, they may be classified as "brass knuckles" – illegal in many states. Check with the local police before carrying one.

Knives are effective if in hand and if you’re truly willing to use one in self-defense. If, instead, you try merely bluffing with it, you may end up having the knife taken away from you. Check with the local police before carrying one.

Guns are extremely effective – IF in hand and IF you’re truly willing to use one for self-defense. Get proper training from certified experts, practice regularly, and obey all laws. Check with the local police before carrying one.

The fierce political controversy of gun control laws is profoundly complex. The fundamental dilemma at the heart of the matter is that a gun may be a savior for defending yourself or a destroyer if you’re careless or emotionally out of control – or if it falls into the hands of criminals, the mentally ill, or untrained and irresponsible children.

You must truly know the tendencies of you and your family toward accidents, depression, and anger – or mature responsibility (after thoroughly training all family members and obeying all laws). It’s up to you to trust yourself and your family with a gun in your home, or to take your chances on remaining unarmed in a violent world.

Keep quiet about your choice. Gun owners shouldn't broadcast strategic information, and unarmed people shouldn’t broadcast their vulnerability. If you choose to remain unarmed, you might still remain safe by carefully observing the safety procedures and unarmed fighting techniques taught throughout Gun owners, too, will increase their all-around security.

Know that the average 911 emergency response time in the U.S. is ELEVEN minutes - an eternity in a crisis.

If you are considering buying a gun, find sensible guidance in Armed & Female by Paxton Quigley.

WARNING! Check with your local police before carrying pepper spray, a stun gun, taser, kubotan, knife, or firearm. Even then, they're prohibited at airports, government buildings, many public facilities and sports arenas. Always, beforehand, learn and obey the laws where you plan to visit.


Choose personal safety devices that are legal where you live and travel.

Pepper spray and noisemakers are the most benign of defensive security products. Have both at the ready whenever exposed to outdoor threats – it's easy when they're attached to your keychain. Remember that predators strike when the prey least expect it.

Of course, NO security products are guaranteed to prevent any crime - but might serve you well if combined with the guidance in Home Security Overview and Outdoor Safety Overview.

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