Women's Safety

Women's Safety - Recap of date rape, stalking, and domestic violence.

Date-rapists, stalkers, and batterers are basically one and the same - delusional bullies imposing their “self-entitlement” on victims, and each often commits all three offenses at one time or another. They all rate high on the Psychopath Check List explained in Predatory Mind.

Early Warning Signs

Keep your eyes wide open for the early warning signs so you can escape – the sooner the better. Oftentimes victims are too kind to say “NO,” or feel powerless to physically enforce their refusal. Call your local rape crisis center for guidance - they help with all women's issues.

Rape, stalking, and domestic violence survivors who’d felt utterly helpless and degraded usually have lingering emotional trauma. Even though surrender was necessary to survive, or if her best self-defense efforts fell short, she can nevertheless find the will and the means to come roaring back to life by learning martial arts. Find guidance in Choosing a Defense Class.

Also, keep Pepper Spray & a Personal Security Alarm (noisemaker or screamer) within easy reach.

Check Your Neighborhood

See FamilyWatchdog.us for the registered sex offenders living in your area. But rapists average 7 victims before their first arrest – so many won’t yet be shown. Also, sex offenders may prowl outside their neighborhood, or are homeless, or – as 24% do nationwide – assume false identities and simply disappear - with false ID.


• Domestic Abused Women's Network (DAWN) www.dawnonline.org
• RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network) www.rainn.org

Too often, someone else knew of ongoing battering but didn’t help. Either they didn’t know how, were afraid to get involved, or didn’t realize the danger the victim faced – until it was too late. Don't let that someone be you. Call your local rape crisis center if you suspect someone is a victim. They'll advise you how to safely help rescue a victim of harassment, stalking, battering, or rape. They very much want to help you.

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