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Here are all the security products you need to fortify your garage & yard for burglary prevention.
A burglar hid in Louise and James Hodgel's Daytona Beach FL garage and savagely attacked and robbed them when they came home.


Reinforce all your garage doors and windowsespecially the door connecting an attached garage to the house. Then always keep all of them closed and locked – or risk the following:

The Tucson AZ garage door was open. The garage-to-house door was unlocked. Two gunmen strolled in, found a teenage girl, beat her father and robbed them.

Two armed teenage boys entered the Albuquerque NM home's partially-open garage door and unlocked the garage-to-house door, shot Veronica Amesquita and her father, stole their cellphones and left.

Adam Sarabia entered an unlocked Santa Paula CA garage door and the unlocked garage-to-house door, and used a baseball bat to beat John Ramirez and Joann Wotkyns to death.

Back or side doors appeal to burglars because they're less visible to passersby. Worse, many people leave their garage doors open and leave the garage-to-house door unlocked. Anyone can just walk into the home.

When leaving, ALWAYS keep the garage-to-house door locked, and wait until the garage door closes completely before driving away. 

Sneak-In / Follow-In

As John Sullivan drove into his Southgate MI garage, he didn’t notice a man sneaking in behind him. As he exited his car, the intruder overpowered and bound him, looted the house, loaded Sullivan’s car and drove it away.

To guard against a sneak-in, hang a large convex mirror (available at auto-parts stores) on the back wall of your well-lighted garage. When arriving home, open your garage door with a remote control, and as you pull in with windows closed and doors locked, watch the mirror for intruders.

To avoid bumping into your garage’s back wall while watching the mirror, hang a tennis ball from a string that will touch your windshield when you reach the proper location. Then turn off the motor and zap the door closed while still watching the mirror. Only then do you unlock and exit your car. (If an intruder does sneak in behind you, re-open the garage door and back your car out while honking your horn.)


• Enclosing your yard with a fence, a locked gate, and No Trespassing signs shows ownership and defines trespassing more clearly. But brick walls, solid fences, and tall hedges hide a burglar from your neighbor’s view. A see-through fence is better. You can also get a yard siren/strobe-light motion-detector alarm.

• LET THERE BE LIGHT! See Outdoor Security Lighting.

• Stop prowlers from hiding in your shrubbery (especially near your windows and doors) by trimming it down - the lower, the better.

• Burglar-proof your tool shed to stop a burglar from using your tools to break into your home. Learn all about padlocks, hasps, and hinges in Door Reinforcement.

Security Signs & Decals

• Security yard signs and window decals deter 76 percent of burglars. Even though they know that many signs are phony, they'll move on to an easier target just in case. But "the best bluff is no bluff" - it's better to have (and use) a real alarm system.

• If you happen to be in your yard when danger arises (fire, medical, or criminal), you can have a remote-control pocket fob for your Alarm System.

Of course, NO security products are guaranteed to prevent any crime - but might serve you well if combined with the guidance in Home Security Overview and Outdoor Safety Overview.

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